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Whether you own a large parrot, or a small finch it is important to provide your pet a safe and adequate cage, a healthy diet, toys for enrichment and regular check-ups.

Our article index (right side menu) can help you navigate some important facts all bird owners should be aware of.  

Bird Facts - covers basics about diet, husbandry, and enrichment.  

Gram Stains - talks about the importance of microscopically assessing grams stains in determining the health status of your bird.  

Enrichment for Birds - covers importance of enrichment, foraging, and how to offer a wholesome and varied diet.  

Health Concerns for Birds - a generalized list of possible health concerns birds can face.  

Understanding Psittacosis - a brief page explaining the importance of psittacosis testing and it's zoonotic potential.  

Formulated Diets - article by our very own, Dr. Orosz.  Goes over more specifics on avian nutrition.

Article Index