Ultrasound & Radiography

Our hospital is designed to offer the very best care for your bird, or exotic pet. Diagnostic imaging is a very important tool in aiding our doctors in caring for your pet. Our digital x-ray and ultrasound services can quickly reveal problems within your pet that the standard physical examination may not. We have specialized ultrasound probes designed for our exotic animals and birds. For example, one of the probes is able to capture images of the fast-beating heart of these unique pets. Ultrasound images allow us to look inside of organs to better understand if they are normal or not.

Medications & Herbal Supplements

The medications that we have at our hospital are formulated specifically for your animal’s condition and needs. Most of the drugs we use for your small pet require compounding (creating a specific formulation and dilution). Because compounding is necessary for most prescriptions, preparing medications can take more time than you may be used to. We grind, flavor, and dilute medications so that the dose is safe and palatable for your exotic pet. Please allow extra time for our staff to prepare medications and call ahead for refills whenever possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this delicate process. 

Our doctors also rely on specialized herbal supplements and formulas, some of which are unique to our practice. These supplements can aid in your pet's organ-specific issues, help to relieve grief, ease pain, or act as anti-virals or anti-bacterials. We pride ourselves on providing current herbal medicines for your pet.

Grooming & Trimming

Our practice offers a variety of grooming needs for various species. Grooming services offered include: wing, nail, and beak trimming for birds, beak and nail trimming for turtles and tortoises, hoof and tusk trimming for pigs, and nail trimming for other small animal patients. It is important that a trained professional performs trims, especially on birds. Improper trimming of feathers can result in blood loss and severe injury from inability to land safely. It is paramount that you do not attempt to trim your pet bird at home. We determine the grooming needs of each pet based on a variety of factors. 



Severely, or chronically ill patients may sometimes require hospitalization at our practice. We have an incubation unit with temperature and oxygenation control to ensure your pet receives optimal environmental comfort. Sick avian patients may require that medication and food be fed using a gavage tube placed into their crop. Doctors are willing and available to take your pet home with them for overnight care in hospitalized cases. Since we are not a 24-hour practice, this is sometimes necessary. Our staff is adequately trained to care for your pet, keep you up to date on their progress, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Your pet is our top priority.


We offer boarding for birds, reptiles, and small mammals. If your pet stays with us, you can rest assured that any medication and/or specialized dietary needs will be met.

Ferrets must be up to date on distemper and rabies vaccinations, as well as on their yearly exam. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals do not require any vaccinations, but they must have had an exam within the last year. We provide pellets, timothy hay, and fresh greens; however, feel welcome to bring any favorite toys or food they may like with you.

Birds must have had an exam and gram stains within 6 months, as well as a single, negative psittacosis test prior to boarding. Please allow at least 7 days in advance due to the time required for psittacosis test results to be obtained. We provide fresh fruits and vegetables for your bird, as well as Lafeber Nutriberries. If you have specialized foods, treats, or medications, please bring them along so that we can keep your pet bird as comfortable and happy as possible while staying with us.

While your pet is staying with us we would be happy to provide any re-check examinations, vaccinations, wing, nail and beak trimming, or any medical treatment your pet may need.